Monday, 27 September 2010

The Meat Wagon

The Meat Wagon by Charlotte

A meaty treat. If you need a burger then you need one of these.

The Meat Wagon may not sound like the kind of place/wagon I might usually visit, not something many girls in their late twenties would be heard discussing. However this wagon is different. Born and bred in an industrial estate in Peckham, it is suddenly the talk of the neighbourhood, and so it should be. The burgers have been developed over a number of years, resulting in the best burger in town, made with freshly minced beef (prime chuck steak), pickles, cheese, French mustard, Ketchup, and a particularly good bap created, and continually being worked on by a local baker. Cooked to perfection on a super clean grill and finished off under a cover (there is a special name for this) this is one dedicated chef with a burger that blow's any Big Mac out of the water.

The only part about the whole service and meaty experience that has to be questioned is - should one have to wait two hours for this top dog beef patty? By this point it has been decided by the whole group that yes it will be the best burger that has ever passed our lips as we're so hungry that any vaguely warm food that tastes of meaty, cheesy ingredients is going be the best thing ever. What can I say, it is a darn good burger.

So, if you like a good burger then you must try one of these. Just make sure you go before you are hungry, work out with your stomach when this might be and place your order at least an hour before you will need to eat. See the happy faces when the two hour wait was over.


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