Monday, 20 September 2010

Keston Kitchen Fashion Week September 2010

Sequins & Sausages

Julia wears; head to toe sequins
Charlotte wears; pie dish fascinator & all in one

This season's knitwear with last season's burger

Small birds, big belts and beautiful bags

Marigold yellows and aubergine dress. Scourer model's own

Faux fur for the modern man

Tie Dye; cooked up in the kitchen. You saw it here first

A bottle of gin fur good measure

Pure silky elegance

Glamour at the kitchen sink


Hello there,

I really like your blog - sorry if i was rude last night -

matt -

Aerofood: A signature Futurist dish, with a strong tactile element. Pieces of olive, fennel, and kumquat are eaten with the right hand while the left hand caresses various swatches of sandpaper, velvet, and silk. At the same time, the diner is blasted with a giant fan (preferable an airplane propeller) and nimble waiters spray him with the scent of carnation, all to the strains of a Wagner opera.

Diabolical Roses: Red roses, battered and deep-fried.

Equator + North Pole: "An equatorial sea of golden poached egg yokes" surrounds a cone made of whipped egg whites. This is "dotted with orange segments like succulent pieces of the sun" and black truffle carved to look like airplanes.

Italian Breasts in the Sunshine: Two half spheres of almond paste, with a fresh strawberry at the center or each, sprinkled with black pepper.


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