Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Supper Club Berlin!

Mr Wagget is a mean cook.  He's got a sweet flat too.  So after a evening with a bit too much Wein, and way too much boasting about Supper Club successes at Keston Road, a beautiful idea was born:

brought to you by Keston International and Andrew Enterprises….
                                   ….an Ellis / Waggett Production…..
                                                  … Keston Kuche Collaborations is  proud to announce…...

The Berlin Supper Club

The concept was perfectly transferable to Berlin.  Gather a group of interesting folk who have never met each other before, ply with wine, sit at a table… and dine.

The  evening had a taste of danger from the outset.  With sub-zero temperatures and pavements packed so tight with ice it was like walking on marbles, we all felt relieved to have arrived alive.  And ready for a glass of wine.

The starter was deliciously rich but not heavy.  Somewhat high-maintenance for a Supper Club given last minute multiple egg poaching, but the scraped-clean plates were testament to its success.
Salad with blue cheese dressing, crispy pancetta and poached egg.
Next up was a course for which I can claim no credit.  The need to do justice to an exquisite beef fillet and time the cooking to perfection was the danger of this decadent main.  Topped with portabello mushrooms and cheese, baked until perfectly pink, and served with freshly fried home-made chips…. Mr Wagget earned his place in the Keston Kitchen history.

Mmmm Meaty Morsels
Finally, I brought out a tried-and-tested Keston classic: Calvados Rice Pudding brûlée.  So rich and creamy it makes you think you've died and gone to heaven (and you'll probably get there a lot quicker if you eat enough of these indulgent little puds).  The danger of the dessert was my treacherous walk through the ice-rink streets of Prenzlauerberg with 8 freshly baked puds in ceramic ramekins, a blow torch….. and slippery-soled shoes.  Somehow we all made it in one piece.  
Playing with the new toy
Lecker und süß

A highly successful Abend and excellent addition to the Berlin culinary scene.  Nice work Wagget!

Jules x


Yummy looking meal. But do you need the cheese with the mushrooms and steak? Not for me. The rest looks great and definitely my sort of starter.

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