Wednesday, 31 August 2011


by Charlotte

A while back I went to Barcelona and ate some amazing food. Around the same time I started hearing about Barrafina, and how it was London's Cal Pep (the best tapas place in Barcelona). Finally, about a month ago I went to Barrafina, and yes, I will be going back.

Barrafina is tiny and popular so one should abide by these rules:
If you are dining there for lunch arrive at 12.15 ideally, 12.30pm latest
At dinner you should aim to arrive by 6.30, no later

The best thing about it is you sit at the counter, not a table in sight. You watch the chefs pour you a glass of insanely good Spanish sherry and cook your food. Everyone is friendly and there's a real Spanish vibe amongst the packed in, hungry, excitable crowd. I was lucky enough to be advised by a regular diner (he chose everything) and our menu consisted of:
Summer Sherry 'En Rama'
Pimientos de Padron
Jamón de Jabugo
Chipirones - deep fired tiny squid!
Chips with Brava Sauce
Tortilla - it was a special that day and the name escapes me, however, it was quite possibly the best tortilla that has ever touched my lips
Beer to finish

A second trip is imminent...


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