Thursday, 13 January 2011

Posh Chocolate Fridge Cake

Posh Chocolate Fridge Cake by Charlotte x

It all started one wintery day before Christmas. The light was low and the snow was thick underfoot. My phone rang and it was my sister, asking if off the top of my head I knew the ingredients and quantities to make fridge cake. I did not. However, thanks to new smart phone technology I located a recipe and read it out to her. By the end of the call my mind was made up, I was also making fridge cake.

We had a local Christmas Fayre coming up to show off our shiny calendars, so I thought I'd make the fridge cake for that event. Of course I had to make a batch to try out at home that particular day, as sometimes I'm just a wee bit impatient. I picked up the ingredients, no expenses spared, Green & Blacks chocolate all the way, ginger cookies and cranberries and headed home to create something sweet and nice. Needless to say the baking session, making session really, as there is no actual baking involved, was a success. Since that day I have made the recipe at least three more times - its a great one for gifts, neatly packed squares in a glass jar will go down a treat with friends, family members and work colleagues.

Here's the recipe - tailored for winter but easily adjustable.

300g chocolate (I used Green & Blacks 85% cocoa and the one with ginger bits in)
150g butter
Splash cherry brandy (or anything else you happen to have a the back of the booze cupboard)
1 stem ginger, finely chopped
175g ginger cookies (or digestives), crushed into small chunks in a bag with a rolling pin
100g sultanas
150g dried cranberries
100g dried mixed berries

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a saucepan of water. Stir in the cherry brandy and chopped stem ginger.
Stir in the ginger cookies, followed by the fruit.
Line a baking tin with clingfilm and then pour in the mixture. You may need to help it spread out and pack it down.
Put in the fridge to cool. When it is cold through you can easily take it out of the tin and cut into small manageable pieces.

Variations: mini marshmallows; glacier cherries; raisins; almonds; hazelnuts; macadamia nuts; dried apricots; pecans; pistachio; meringue pieces... the list goes on.

Share with friends or eat it all to yourself, either way it's going to be good. Enjoy!


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