Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pink Drinks

Pink Drinks by Charlotte 

On a recent trip to Berlin to see our Canadian friend Shotgun Jimmie play some tunes, check out art and sample some sauerkraut, we came across a super cool bar in East Kreuzberg which offered prosecco with rhubarb juice, a perfect summer drink combining two of my favourite things.

On my return, 5 days later, I decided to look into rhubarb recipes and found several for rhubarb cordial, all sounding pretty straightforward. A couple of weeks later I was in the supermarket and rhubarb was on offer so I bought a kilogram and decided I would make some cordial for a birthday bbq that we were hosting that coming weekend. I checked the recipe and the site I was going with said it would take 2 days as it involved straining the fruit through muslin for 24 hours. Suddenly it was Saturday morning and the impending bbq was taking place at 5pm that day…

So I decided to not look at the recipe and just go for it. I chopped the rhubarb and gently boiled the fruit for 15 minutes with about 50ml of water, covered, until it was soft and falling apart. I then set up a pan with the muslin across the top –fixed with pegs and elastic bands to hold it tight and scooped in the rhubarb. I left it for 2 hours while I ran errands, leaving Jules to sort out dessert and Rach pruning the garden in 30 degree heat.

All went to plan. I returned to find that I had 450ml of sharp rhubarb juice to transform into a delicious pink cordial. I knew it required lemon juice and sugar so I added about 50ml of lemon juice and several desserts spoons of sugar, boiled it up and after a few taste tests it was there – pink, sweet and syrupy with a little sour kick at the end.

So, why make this amazing, beautiful drink?

It’s really easy and can be made in less than 24 hours

It is aesthetically very pleasing and goes very well with sparkling wine

You’re left with a mass of rhubarb that looks a bit dried out but can definitely be used to make rhubarb fool, cake or crumble.

All rhubarb recipes and suggestions welcome! Enjoy.


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