Wednesday, 12 May 2010

When puddings meet politics: 2010 Election Special

A coalition of delicious desserts - no wonder people have trouble deciding on one.

Election '10: historic events witnessed in the Keston Kitchen. Never before has there been such a coming together of different flavours; with such unpredictable results.

This was an election of ground-breaking moments. The first: the arrival of Newnham's famous Chocolate Yoghurt at Downing Street.

The occasion was the second of the live televised Leaders' debates. As the focus was foreign policy, it seemed only fitting for the team at work to watch it en masse in the boss's office. The Leaders performed pretty well, but let's face it, all eyes were on the cake.

The yoghurt lends this cake a light, moist texture. The mums of the shire will be pleased to know that this timeless classic went down a treat. We owe the recipe to Jacqui Vivian, who was an amazing cook. Also thanks to Val and Bev for ensuring it appeared at every birthday party I've ever been to in their homes.

Now, I did offend some of team because of the EU focus of my baking (we also cover 'Global Issues'). So, not to be outdone, the G8 / G 20 team baked these amazing cookies (with some outside help from enthusiastic family members, I believe).

Clare also made this amazing Election Cake-u-lator

Then Decision Day arrived (or so we thought). I was honoured to host the election party. Luckily for me, the coverage didn't start until 10pm - which gave me plenty of time to be characteristically late with the preparations and rope all my guests into helping.

The girls set to work on the red velvet Milibands.

Wishing to reflect the true impartiality of the civil service, I had a strict rule of one pudding per party (the big three). I also allowed a little homage to the greens (a big night for them too).

So the menu was:

Red Velvet Milibands (aka the cupcakes that have previously featured on Later with Jules)

Libdemon bars a delicious recipe, also from the hummingbird bakery

Eton Mess (with blueberries)

And Green Party Jelly

It was a night to remember, thanks to many contributions. Frances fashioned an incredible PM-0-meter (which had more mileage than anyone could have expected). Aurelia's election cocktails were an inspired, if dangerous, contribution to the party. The BBC's election party pack provided much entertainment (including election bingo). I have to congratulate Tess and Jess for still being there on the sofa (if snoring) when I got up in the morning. And finally, my housemates were remarkably unperturbed by the sudden influx of civil servants into the living room, and thoroughly embraced in the election excitement.

2010 will be a year to remember, If not for the politics, then for the puddings.

Jules xx

Chocolate Yoghurt Cake

250ml sunflower oil

250ml plain natural yogurt

4 tablespoons syrup

3 eggs

6 oz sugar

8oz SR flour

½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 oz cocoa

Mix 1st 5 ingredients together then add rest and mix well

Cook for 45 mins – 1hour at 150 degrees


2oz butter

3 tablespoons milk

8oz sifted icing sugar

2 tablespoons sifted cocoa

Melt butter, add milk

Take off heat and add rest and mix well


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