Sunday, 29 April 2012


The egg is a great gift from the chicken. 
Sometimes I wonder if I eat too many eggs.
Below are three recent egg dishes.
All were invented 'use up ingredients' recipes.

Baked Eggs - leftover pork & lemon meatballs, spinach and eggs - oven baked 

Corned Beef Hash - caralmelised red onions, leftover mustard mash, leftover broccoli, corned beef and a fried egg

Asparagus Frittata - leftover asparagus, onion, eggs, parsley, Parmesan and nutmeg

Sunday, 15 April 2012

New York New York!

New York New York!
A food diary for two.

Dinner at La Esquina (coming to London soon...)
A perfect margarita and a beer cocktail with fruit juice, salsa roja, salt and lime - never again!
Ceviche Acapulco (market fish, salsa roja, avocado, jalepeno, lime) with plantain fritters
- pulled pork, picked onions and habanero
- pork shoulder, condensed milk, salsa roja

Breakfast on Union Square
Cappuccino x2
Eggs Benedict and eggs Florentine - served with sauteed potatoes and tabasco

Lunch in Central Park
Philly cheese steak roll
Rueben on rye

Dinner at Freeman's
Bread and cheese
Hot artichoke and cheese dip with bread - so good
Hunter's stew with venison, elk and boar
Venison cutlets (Milanese style) with roasted cauliflower and pistachio pesto
Dessert wine

Breakfast at The Smile
French toast with strawberries and Maple syrup - a lot of it!
Scrambled egg, ham and caramelised onion sandwich
Really good coffees

Lunch uptown
A sandwich of braised short beef ribs in red wine with onions and cheese - blew Matt's head off
Mardi Gras chicken sandwich (chicken, peppers, onions and chipotle)

Dinner at Roberta's, Brooklyn
Gin cocktails, Hot Toddy (bourbon, lemon, cloves) - in the garden while waiting for a table
Axyl Rosenberg pizza - double garlic, jalepenos, sopressata, tomato, mozzarella, mushroom

Brunch at Saxon & Parole
Amazing cappuccino
Poached eggs on sourdough with mushrooms and spinach and yuzu (Asian citrus fruit) hollandaise
Poached eggs with ham and Parmesan potato cakes and yuzu hollandaise

Late lunch at Mandoo Bar - Korean dumpling bar
Fried pork mandoo
Mandoo spicy ramen with veggie mandoo
Spicy beef bim bap - incredible

Pre-theatre snack on Mulberry Street
Chicken and chips with BBQ sauce - a bit like eating a Burger King (!)

Breakfast at Jack's Stir Brew Coffee
Stella - a flat white with cocoa - highly recommend
Pain au chocolat
Cherry an almond scone

Lunch in Brooklyn
Pizza with anchovies, basil, oregano, tomato, mozzarella
Three apple miso salad with an apple juice, cider vinegar and mustard dressing

Last supper at The Spotted Pig
Bourbon Sour
Beef burger with Roquefort and shoestring fries x2
Roasted beets - with a kick